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Kathryn started Southern Scratch after eleven very long days spent as a housewife in the country in her new town of Washington, GA.  She baked some cakes and set up a table at the Washington Farmer’s Market in order to perhaps meet some folks around town and fund some home renovation projects back on her new husband’s farm.  While the farmhouse still has a way to go, their business (and family) have definitely made some progress.  She and Reid have two darling children, three dogs, a barn cat and plenty of chickens and quail.  Her nutrition philosophy is to sit down to eat (you’re worth it!) and don’t skimp when you have dessert.

Washington, GA

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama but “married in” to the town of Washington, GA. Our children are the fifth generation in my husbands family to be raised on our farm and I couldn’t love this town any more.  Washington is located just two hours east of Atlanta and an hour from Athens and Augusta.  It is a gorgeous small town complete with our historic boutique hotel, The Fitzpatrick Hotel, small shops on the square, a Saturday farmers market with local pesticide-free growers and about the nicest people you will ever meet.  For a complete tour of our town, contact my mother in law, Elaine, at Miss Fanny’s Tours.  She will introduce you to everybody, bring you into private homes, give you a heads up on our best shops and generally tell you what you must do during your visit here.  (And when she sends you into our shop, remind me to tell you about the time I hosted one of her tours for her…)

If you are looking for a little town to retire in, a Victorian to restore or some land to call your own, call up Jenny at Reville Realty.  (She’s the best and it’s not just because she knows too much about me to say otherwise).

You will certainly also have to pick up a copy of our weekly hometown newspaper The News-Reporter.  I send a subscription to my grandparents in Alabama so that they can keep up with us.

Love, Kathryn