Corporate Hospitality


Corporate Gift  Boxes

Our dedication to Southern hospitality shines through when it comes to client gift boxes.

Here is our process:

First, we want to get to know you and your company very well.  What is important to you? What do you like in your coffee?  (Or do you prefer tea? What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Second, we want to find out what you need, both immediately and long term, to provide thoughtful client gifts.   Do you need to be able to create a personalized company gift box that you can order especially for your new clients with a simple text message to us?

Do you need a way to send a birthday gift to your most important customers without having to remember each year?  What about a closing gift basket for the house you just sold?

Third, we create a custom Gift Menu just for your company:  We discuss what your current need is (ex. 50 holiday gift boxes for donors) and get that order started.  Then we discuss the recurring needs your company has for gifting.  Just as you brand your own company with consistent colors, logos and fonts, we can help you continue your brand statement through the gift box packaging.  Your clients will not be left to wonder “who sent those amazing brownies?”

Fourth, we build both a physical and electronic file for your company based on your Gift Menu.  Electronic files include things like your logo if you want us to print labels for you or add it to menu cards and pertinent client information such as names, shipping addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Your physical file (actually storage boxes!) contain things like your size gift boxes, ribbon, fill, stationary and any company items like pens, notepads, etc. that you want to include in standard boxes.  This means a quick turnaround time on orders.

Once your custom menu and files are complete, you can rest assured that edible gift giving will never be more personal or more convenient.

Corporate Catering

Turn any meeting into a special event with our gable lunch boxes.  Each box comes with a sandwich, seasonal salad with homemade dressing or vegetable side, organic potato chips, sparkling water and dessert.  Napkins, utensils and small gift also included.  Boxes are tied with ribbon.  $22/each, minimum order eight.

Delivery free in Washington-Wilkes, $100 Augusta/Athens.



Employee Appreciation

It can be hard to find something that five hundred people will like.  Unless, of course, you are talking about homemade chocolate chip cookies.  If you are looking for a way to show appreciation to your employees for all their hard work, we think having our #foodvan show up to your firm, hospital or office building is the perfect solution.  The #foodvan is great because you can provide a fun, outside alternative to a standard catered employee meal.  And who wouldn’t want to work for someone who surprises them with warm cinnamon rolls on a Monday morning?  Talk about a way to get the week started off right!

Listed below are our most popular packages, starting with prices for 50 employees.

Breakfast & Coffee #foodvan $750/50 people

We bring a selection of cinnamon rolls and your choice of two other baked goods, along with Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee service (cups, lids, organic half and half, organic sugar, stirrers), kraft bags and napkins. We can also provide a selection of bottled juice or milk upon request.

Milk & Cookies #foodvan $600/50 people

We bring three types of our big cookies (Your choice of three from: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter (GF), Coconut Oatmeal White Chocolate, Ginger Molasses, Butter, Pecan Shortbread or Sugar), kraft bags, napkins and a pint of local Southern Swiss grass fed milk.  Includes 150 cookies and 50 pints of milk.  May also substitute coffee service instead of milk.

Employee Morale #foodcart *minimum order $750/100 employees

Show your teachers or employees just how much they mean to you with a surprise Southern Scratch #foodcart in the lobby.  We will fill our adorable foodcart with individually wrapped goodies, and push it to designated central lobbies or work areas for your lucky staff to pick up.  Let us know a special message before hand and we will design custom labels for you.

*Delivery is $25 for Washington-Wilkes, $100 for Augusta/Athens.   #foodvan will stay set up for one hour in designated parking spot, unless additional time needed.  Customer will be responsible for designating parking spot in accessible location for party/office staff prior to arrival.