#FoodVan Mealtime


The #Foodvan is currently rocking the Washington Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am-12pm.  We are also at the Evans Town Farmers Market from 4:30pm-7pm during the summer months.

Our #foodvan also makes special appearances!  We can stock our van with treats, coffee and drinks to deliver to birthday parties, employee appreciation events and more.  Just contact us to create your own custom #foodvan items.

Some of our popular offerings are:

Breakfast & Coffee #foodvan $750/50 people

We bring a selection of cinnamon rolls and your choice of two other baked goods, along with Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee service (cups, lids, organic half and half, organic sugar, stirrers), kraft bags and napkins. We can also provide a selection of bottled juice or milk.

Milk & Cookies #foodvan $600/50 people

We bring three types of our big cookies (Your choice of three from: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter (GF), Coconut Oatmeal White Chocolate, Ginger Molasses, Butter, Pecan Shortbread or Sugar), kraft bags, napkins and a pint of local Southern Swiss grass fed milk.  Includes 150 cookies and 50 pints of milk.  May also substitute coffee service instead of milk.

Wine & Cheesestraws #foodvan  $750/50 people

We arrive with plenty of Better Than’s (our signature hand cut organic butter cheese straws), Spiced Pecan Brownies, Blue Cheese Green Onion and Grit mini scones and herb roasted mixed nuts along with cocktail plates, napkins and disposable wine glasses.  You provide the wine or bubbly of your choice.

Employee Morale #foodcart *minimum order $750/100 employees

Show your teachers or employees just how much they mean to you with a surprise Southern Scratch #foodcart in the lobby.  We will fill our adorable foodcart with individually wrapped goodies, and push it to designated central lobbies or work areas for your lucky staff to pick up.  Let us know a special message before hand and we will design custom labels for you.

*Delivery is $25 for Washington-Wilkes, $100 for Augusta/Athens.   #foodvan will stay set up for one hour in designated parking spot, unless additional time needed.  Customer will be responsible for designating parking spot in accessible location for party/office staff prior to arrival. 



Local Fundraisers

Living in a small town, we know how important access to local healthcare can be.  We offer a continual fundraising opportunity for local hospitals to raise funds for their auxiliary or special care populations such as children’s units.

Each month we deliver orders that your organization has collected throughout the month to your local hospital as well as set up our #foodvan filled with a variety of baked goods and specialty items.  We then donate a portion of all fundraiser proceeds from both pre-orders and #foodvan sales to your organization.

By taking orders throughout the month, you can raise funds year round.  In addition, once you partner with us for continuous fundraisers, we will add your organization to our list of donation recipients for customers to choose upon checkout for orders picked up at The Washington Farmer’s Market, the Evans Towne Farmer’s Market or shipped items.  This means that you can encourage residents to support your local hospital from anywhere in the country.