Welcome to “Gardens and Groceries!”

This section is dedicated to how we find food to eat! While most of us go to the grocery store for the bulk of our food shopping, there are tons of creative ways to find food to eat. Initially I was going to give garden updates each month and while I still plan on bragging about anything that I grow, I realized that would be kind of boring. (But if you come visit me I will make you look at every single plant I’ve grown for sure…)

In “Gardens and Groceries” we plan on talking about all kinds of ways that individuals source or grow their own food. This includes EVERYTHING from gas stations to grocery stores, farmers markets, road side stands, school lunch programs, food banks, hunting/fishing, peaches from your grandmother, tomatoes from your neighbor and everything else.

If you want to share your creative approaches to food sourcing (backyard garden brags included) or share your organization that offers a place to buy, sell or barter food let us know! Email us at scratchbaking@gmail.com to share your story!