Southern Scratch Meal Template


With decades of food service and nutrition experience between us, we know a thing or two about making meals simple, cost effective and satisfying. When Kathryn was diagnosed with ADD (twice!) as an adult, she began looking for ways to significantly reduce “executive functioning burden” in her life. Taking cues from monthly or seasonal cycle menus at the hospital, she developed a 7 Day Meal Template for individuals or caregivers to use in order to make mealtime easier. Using our guide, it takes about twenty or thirty minutes to work through your schedule, household schedule and food preferences to develop strategies and themes that can be repeated weekly. We even offer a list of ideas as well as link new recipes and categories through our blog and social media.

For just $7, this tool is completely life changing! I’ve lost count of the number of friends and clients who can rattle off their meal strategy for the week mindlessly because they now use our meal template. Most importantly, they now have regular, fulfilling meals at the table either with family, friends or as a way to reconnect with themselves at the end of the day.
After you’ve created your template, post a picture of it as well as any meals to Instagram @southern_scratch with hashtag #7daymealtemplate!