This is one of a few books that I’ve bought several times because I end up giving it away and have to buy another to keep in my “library.” (When I refer to my library I mean my glorified office bookshelf.)

Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Dr. Lindo Bacon provides a comprehensive review of the scientific literature between body weight and health. The popular belief that overweight or obese automatically equals unhealthy is called into question in this non-diet classic. Even more so, the book explores whether it is even in our best interest to pursue weight loss as a means to health. (Spoiler alert-it’s not.)

Instead, Dr. Bacon offers an evidence based approach to respecting the body that you are in and taking care of it whatever size, shape, orientation, gender or color that may be. The book is fairly straightforward to read and has a warm, conversational tone that makes the reader feel both understood, accepted and encouraged. Dr. Bacon offers practical, health promoting behaviors that honor and respect the body you are in rather than trying to fight against it to make it something it isn’t.

Who I recommend it for:

-Clients whose primary goal is to improve their health and they are unsure if that means they need to pursue weight loss or not. 

-Healthcare providers who want to read one of the first primers on practicing medicine/nutrition using a weight-neutral approach to care and counseling. As dietitians practicing in a country where Diet Culture is rampant, it can be hard to refuse to sell “weight loss” as a product. This book shows just why that’s a product you don’t need or want to sell! 

Happy reading and #ditchdietculture