Last fall I started an interior design program at a local technical college.  I decided to go back to school in part to figure out what to do with my own home and in part because I had been in so many kitchens that seemed either inefficient or impractical. I wanted to learn how to design a kitchen that was functional, easy to clean and attractive. Environment is a huge factor in influencing health related behaviors so it made a lot of sense to me to learn more about how to design a good one. (I also just thought that going back to school after three kids would be a lot of fun and provide a major mental boost. Do I bring muffins to class? Of course. Has a fellow classmate told me they are their mom’s age? Yep. Do I pull up in my minivan? Absolutely and those remote click, low, sliding doors make hauling projects into class super easy.) 

Fortunately, I’ve had several friends that have let me come in and take over their kitchens to explore my mid-life interest. While we work on each section, I find myself asking them questions similar to what I would ask during a nutrition counseling session. I ask about their values, habits and daily routines.  With my food service background, I can then provide input into efficient cooking, storage and planning methods that help create a functional cooking space. Here we’ll share “kitchen makeovers” that make the technical side of feeding yourself and your family well a lot more enjoyable.

Table covered with supplies for an interior design project.

Getting an interior design degree is way more hands on than dietetics. If I had only known you could do crafts in college…